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Friday, May 19, 2006

So why this blog? - A Virgins Plea

This blog was created so that those who were tricked into the A Virgins Plea Hoax will have a place to view all in it's entirety as the main site of theirs http://avirginsplea.com no longer has the link to their myspace site http://www.myspace.com/avirginsplea so therefore many people are not getting their say as regarding what has happened. Many are not getting to see the original site and therefore are being tricked into believing the present one is the only one. Somebody has to stand up for those who were taken in and for those who will be. That is why this blog is so important for those who will surf their site in the future. Thanks for viewing this site and spread it around so that others will finally know and be able to protect themselves :)


Sunshine Girl Rachel - A Virgins Plea Jenn

Why did The Toronto Sun make Rachel who was actually Jenn the lady of A Virgins Plea who was part of the Hoax and subsequently one of the conspirators behind this supposed viral marketing or what some would call scam a Sunshine Girl?

'It got out of hand': Hoaxster
Virgin Internet gag exposed by Sun staffers


eLay? Try eLie.

A group of Toronto friends are behind the latest Internet hoax that swept the web, resulted in more than 20 fake interviews with media outlets across North America, but fell apart after the Sun exposed problems with their story.

Etobicoke web designer Matthew Gamble, 24, confessed yesterday that the plight of Geoff the Internet virgin was just a "viral marketing experiment that got (too far) out of hand."

Viral marketing refers to word-of-mouth campaigns that expand rapidly, like a virus, as information is passed from one person to another, often by e-mail or blogs.

While Geoff Skerlan is real, his story -- that he needed 5 million hits on his website in 30 days in order to have sex with a platonic female friend -- was a whopper invented to "tug at the heart strings" of web surfers, Gamble said.


It's a lie Skerlan passed off himself when confronted by The Sun Monday in a face-to-face interview at the offices of CAPS Internet, a small firm with seven employees on Evans Ave. in Etobicoke, where the hoax was managed.

But all other phone interviews with TV and radio from Toronto to Kansas City were conducted by Gamble in the guise of Geoff. He admitted yesterday he was the mastermind behind the hoax.

"It worked too well," said Gamble, a university drop-out and former owner of a web consulting firm in Barrie.

"The back story was believable enough and made people want to help," he said.

That back story included the fib that Skerlan was a virgin whose fiancee cheated on him six months before their wedding, ruining the next three years of his dating life. A friend named "Jenn," whose real name is Rachel, agreed to help him score if he could log 5 million hits on the website avirginsplea.com.

The site included a photograph of the pair, snapped at a grillhouse in Waterdown. Rachel said she knew what the photo was going to be used for, but didn't expect the avalanche of publicity.

"I don't think I really understood what I was getting into," she said, noting Gamble and Skerlan are friends of her boyfriend, who "finds the whole thing hilarious."

Rachel, who took the scam in stride and is today's SUNshine Girl, said she's pleased the racket has come to an end. "I was getting scared there was going to be two more weeks of this."

No doubt, the website got visits -- more than 200,000 unique hits in 16 days -- not to mention movie offers, book deals, even a sponsorship offer from a condom maker.

The downside was that real people with real problems, such as virgins and jilted lovers, began e-mailing their tales of woe to the site, while Skerlan's former high school girlfriend, Emily, felt she had been slighted online.


"I feel sorry for the people who believed in Geoff," Gamble said. "I'm sorry is the best thing I can say."

"I'm just happy the truth is out," said ex-girlfriend Emily, whose revelations in yesterday's Sun that Skerlan is not a virgin led to the scheme's collapse.

Skerlan took the rest of the week off work and wants nothing to do with the media, Gamble said.
Gamble insists the site made little more than $100 off T-shirts they were selling and banner ads -- although there's no way to verify his claim. "Viral marketing works, but with a site like this, there's no profit," he said.

As for lying on the Internet, Gamble said without a trace of irony: "You need to take the web with a grain of salt ... People need to learn that just because you read something, it doesn't mean it's true."

He has posted an apology on the site and removed the photographs and fake story.



A Virgins Plea - A Virgin's Hoax

Again Brodie Fenlon of The Toronto Sun tries to make up for the publishing of his original article by following up with this one. Why oh why did it ever get publish? This has turned into more than just a hoax but as you will read Jenn who's real name is Rachel becomes a Toronto Sunshine Girl. Now we know what was in it for some.

A Virgin’s hoax

Re: A Virgins Plea (sic)So now you all know about the fraud. Let’s get one thing straight: The Sun was not taken in on this story, as some bloggers are suggesting. I know, because I wrote the first story after being the first - AND ONLY! - reporter to actually try and track down the guy to verify his story.

(Never mind the 20 broadcast media outlets across North America that did interviews with a guy pretending to be Geoff without any verification).

Sure enough, I crashed Geoff’s little party at his workplace after much hunting. I checked his I.D. I did an interview. He stuck to his fake story. He agreed to be photographed.

So I reported his claims. But I knew the whole thing was dubious, which is why I used terminology in our first piece such as:

* “He claims to be a 25-year-old virgin from…”*

“The story -- and Geoff's sticking to it -- is that…”*

“It's a tale juicy enough to make any TV producer drool, but it's hard not to be skeptical: Until yesterday, the friends were selling T-shirts…”

As expected, our first story shook out the truth in the form of Geoff’s former girlfriend. We told her story the next day, helping to bring the whole sordid affair to a collapse.

As if this circus isn’t crazy enough, “Jenn” a.k.a. Rachel, the supposed friend who agreed to help Geoff lose his virginity if he accrued enough hits will be tomorrow’s Sunshine Girl. I kid you not.

I’ll post the latest in the Toronto Sun when it’s published.



A Virgins Plea - Reporter

Brodie Fenlon a reporter with The Toronto Sun who wrote the original piece shares some more from his blog. Why he wrote the original article that started this all we do not know. But in all reality was it a good decision on his part?

A virgin’s plea? Please!

UPDATE: The truth is out. Geoff and his buddies are flat-out liars. As is now posted on the site:

"The site was a viral marketing experiment that got far too out of hand. Geoff was nothing more than a name and a photo - the story and website were created by me and all media were performed by myself."

Not quite true, as I talked face-to-face with Geoff and he kept up the lies. I feel sorry for every sap out there who sent these guys real stories about their real problems in love.


Remember Geoff of the site “A Virgins Plea”(sic)? You know, the 25-year-old Toronto man who claims a platonic female friend will help him lose his virginity if he can get five million hits on his website in 30 days? Oh, there’s more to this story. Details to follow. Check out today’s Toronto Sun:

The Internet virgin is not so innocent, said the woman he claims was his fiancee.... "It's a lie," said Emily, who called the Toronto Sun after her sister showed her yesterday's edition. "I think it must all be a publicity stunt."

In the meantime, Geoff has taken down his photo and that of the female friend “Jenn” who he claims was going to help him out. Suspicious? You bet.



A Virgins Plea - Matthew Gamble

For those who missed seeing the web site A Virgins Plea here is a site that was launched with all of the original content on it. Now that everybody knows it was a hoax we are sure many people from now on will be very apprehensive about following such stories. Many people believed in Geoff only to find Matthew Gamble inset a 24 year old web designer from Etobicoke. It is too bad that some people will play on the heart strings of others and some like these marketers will go even further. Who can you trust these days? Well thousands upon thousands trusted Geoff with a pic of himself and this Jenn and what did they get in return for their heart felt feeling towards this. They got screwed around and now there is a whole host of angry people who will not be sending any nice words towards any of them any time soon. Here is the url http://avirginsplea.freespaces.com :)


The Toronto Sun - Were they taken in by A Virgins Plea?

Why did The Toronto Sun even bother to print the story in the first place is anyone's guess. But now that web site is nothing but a brothel gone bad. http://avirginsplea.com as advertisements for sex are the mainstay of it. Someone should sure do some investigating before they print up stories that will hurt people!

While Geoff is real, his story that he needed five million hits on his web site in 30 days in order to sleep with a platonic friend is a big lie.A group of Toronto friends are behind an Internet hoax that resulted in more than 20 fake interviews with North American media outlets, but fell apart after The Sun exposed problems with their story.Etobicoke web designer Matthew Gamble, 24, confessed today that the plight of Geoff the Internet virgin was just a viral marketing experiment that got far too out of hand.



A Virgins Plea - Shop

Isn't it amazing after Matthew Gamble and all of his fake apologies - after all they still continue to try and sell t-shirts and make money off of their latest stunt - what can we expect from a virgin eh - but than again we would be talking about the innocent and these people are very far from that!

A Virgins Plea Shop - been taken down now! We wonder why don't you?



A Virgins Plea - The Toronto Sun Uncovers The Plot


The Internet virgin is not so innocent, said the woman he claims was his fiancee.

A man named Geoff launched a website at the beginning of the month alerting browsers that he needed 5 million hits on the site before the end of May so that he could have sex for the first time in his 25 years.

"It's a lie," said Emily, who called the Toronto Sun after her sister showed her yesterday's edition. "I think it must all be a publicity stunt."

Emily didn't want to get into details but confirmed the pair did have intercourse -- more than once.

"This is all kind of embarrassing -- I'm really kind of frazzled after seeing it on the front page," she said. "But I saw it and it just isn't true."

Emily and Geoff -- both their last names are being withheld at their request -- started dating in March 2001 when the pair were at Parkside High School in Dundas, she said.

The couple eventually lived together for about five months before they broke up in January 2004.

But she said they were never engaged and that she didn't cheat on him as Geoff claims.

Geoff confirmed that Emily was the fiancee he is talking about, but said he has no idea why she would say his story is bogus.

"I don't know why she'd say that," Geoff said. "I'm sticking to it."

On his website, Geoff explains that he was 22 when he learned his fiancee was cheating on him, despite their promise to refrain from sex until their marriage.

He was so devastated, he swore off dating for three years.

Geoff said a bar bet led to the website that now bears his mug and the plea to help him break his sexual shutout.

His story goes that a 21-year-old friend named Jen promised to help him lose his virginity if he could get 5 million hits on the site in 30 days.

News media outlets in the United States have picked up the story, and blogs around the world are directing surfers to the site to help the would-be innocence claimant get a little experience.

Emily, who says she is now happy and dating someone else, said she initiated the break-up because "we were just going in different directions." At the age of 19, she felt it was time to move on.

The pair have had some contact since they broke up. In fact, Geoff has had her computer for about the last two months because he is fixing it for her, she said.

"If you had asked me two days ago, I would have said he was a really nice guy," Emily said.

But now she isn't so sure.

"I think someone has put him up to this," she said.

"He is very shy, but you can tell that from his pictures."



A Virgins Plea

Here is how the original A Virgins Plea site looked like. What they do not want you to see. Because after being found out as being a hoax the whole world including the City Of Toronto is upset. After all they made money and continue to this very day. Click on the smaller image to the right to view it in it's entirety. Here is where it was hosted http://avirginsplea.com


a virgins plea hoax site from toronto ontario canada